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Ric has mastered both the art and craft of photography. In addition to ensuring you get portraits you like, he also makes it a point to try something different for every senior he photographs. You are a unique person, and your portraits should reflect your individuality. This commitment to artistic creativity assures you of getting images that are not the boring assembly-line senior pictures you see everywhere else. Despite our quality and first class treatment, we are affordable. Our studio has packages that you can create yourself –or simply order A la Carte–so you get exactly what you want .

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“My neighbor/mom/friend is taking my pictures.”

Again, you get what you pay for. Someone that will photograph you for next to nothing also probably has about that much experience. They will not know how to use professional lighting to flatter you and enhance your eyes. Would you let someone cut your hair because they have nice scissors? By definition, a professional is engaged full time in earning a living doing photography. Part-timers, amateurs, friends and family members who have a ‘good camera’ are not professionals. They simply do not have the experience, the equipment, technical knowledge or talent to make you look your best. Snapshots are OK for facebook or your phone, but senior portraits are a once-in-a-lifetime experience.



“I don’t like having my picture taken.”

Ric knows how to make even the most camera-shy senior feel relaxed and look good. He has spent decades refining his technique so that the slightest tip of the head, adjustment of the light or turn of a shoulder can make the difference between a mere snapshot and a stunning portrait.


“I can’t afford senior pictures.”

Zimmerman’s offers special discounts off your senior session monthly June through September, so you are already saving money. We also offer payment plans and flexible packages. You get what you pay for, so why not get the best quality and value you can get for your money.Sullivan1234-229